Who We Are:

The Boulder Seniors Foundation (BSF), a non-profit organization founded 1980, is managed by a board of local volunteers who invite members of our Boulder community to get involved with our older adult population.

Since its inception, BSF has worked in partnership with the Older Adult Services of Boulder to assist older adults with lower incomes. Assistance may include help with maintenance, rent, moving expenses, food purchases, or medical and dental expenses. We also sponsor programs for older adults and contribute to the Age Well Centers.

The need is now greater than ever. Your generosity will enhance the well-being and vibrancy of our rapidly-growing older adult population.

What We Do

The Boulder Seniors Foundation raises money to support Boulder Older Adult Services, who in turn provide those in need with assistance.

Some examples of how these funds are used by the Boulder Older Adult Services:

    • Co-sponsor informative, educational programs

    • Provide emergency supplemental assistance for rent, medical, dental, prescription, home help and counseling expenses

    • Assist in paying for eye exams and glasses for older adults, with grant support from the Hynd Fund for the Blind

    • Assist with the Holiday Gift Basket program, delivering fruit baskets and gift cards to isolated and low-income older adults in our community

    • Fulfill specific unfunded equipment needs at the Age Well Center

BSF accepts financial grants, bequests, donations, and gifts to support services and activities for older adults in Boulder. Click here for more information about how you can help.

These basic needs and programs were able to happen because of the support of Boulder Seniors Foundation!

"BSF helped pay for hearing aids for a client. The provider stated that it was so incredible to see the look on the client’s face when fitted with hearing aids. The client’s face lit up and was so grateful to be able to hear again!"

The ability to offer this class online is made possible by the generous support of the Boulder Seniors Foundation:

Progressive Meditation

Meditation increases focus and mindfulness through different techniques that help participants experience a calm and peaceful state. This virtual class will begin with muscle relaxation using guided meditation, breath and imagery, and will also include time for Q&A at the end of class.

“This is the class that I look most forward to each week. Joan asks the class members to journal their personal experiences

with each class. It's a great way to recall how the class made you feel, and how it benefited others in the class. Before each

class, she does a "check in" and asks how we are doing. The check-in makes me feel cared for. Because of the journal, I can

easily recall how I feel after each session. I feel especially relaxed and calm after each session. Surprisingly, I also get an

energy boost from the session.” Program Participant

These programs are sponsored by the generous support of Boulder Seniors Foundation: Introduction to Gems of Excellence Brain/Mind Course

The Gems of Excellence Program addresses the brain’s “electrical system”, which connects every part of the physical body by coordinating its various functions with signals from the brain. Learn simple tools for correcting inexplicable barriers and challenges to improving your own fitness, health and well-being. This electrical system creates an energy field and the Gems of Excellence provides tools for quickly entering corrections into the energy field.

“Excellent program and Instructor! The concept of GEMS is very new and unfamiliar. Laura was very easy to

understand and clear on instructions. I am going to take the Introductory class again to be able to put some of

the exercises in practice making sure I am doing them correctly. Thanks for offering this program.” Program Participant

An Introduction to Shakespeare's Comedies

In this series of six classes, review Shakespeare's tragedy “Othello” by examining aspects of a play that has kept audiences and readers fascinated for over four hundred years. Participant discussion encouraged and no prior knowledge of Shakespeare’s work is required. Lori Lucas is a long-time resident of Boulder and teacher of literature and composition, both abroad and in the U.S. where she has taught Shakespeare at the University of Colorado, Boulder. This program is sponsored by the generous support of Boulder Seniors Foundation.

"Lori Lucas is a great instructor who makes Shakespeare come alive. Her years of experience show, and her insights give plays I have read or seen before new meaning. " Program Participant

"Lori was inspirational and led the class in detail through the many nuances of a Shakespeare play. Many

suggestions for further exploration were helpful and she was openly receptive to any comments from the class.

Really look forward to more of her classes!" Program Participant

"It was a great experience for our class in reading and discussing one of Shakespeare's plays. Lori was a great leader and provided added color and comments to help deepen my understanding of the human condition that William Shakespeare described so well in all of his plays!! It is hard to believe that these plays were written 500 years ago. Human behavior hasn't really changed all that much in all those years." Program Participant

Aging in Place

Join Older Adult Client Services Coordinators for a conversation on what to consider when choosing to age in place. Learn about available services, options for home modifications, and other factors that are important. The ability to offer this class online is made possible by the generous support of the Boulder Seniors Foundation.

“I enjoyed Jacki's presentation on Aging in Place: it's timely, informative, and open to questions. This is perhaps the biggest decision we make as we age and we need all the information we can find. Thanks.” Program Participant