Q: What types of assistance does BSF provide?

A: BSF funds a variety of programs at the Age Well Centers including the very popular living history Chautauquan Series, nutrition education and cooking classes, programs for people living with dementia and other special events like the 55+ Job Fair and Socials. BSF also provides funding to Older Adult Services for one-time financial assistance for personal needs that cannot be met through other means. For example, funds can be granted for a medical, utility or repair bill for a client in a dire situation.

Q: How do I get assistance?

A: The City of Boulder's Older Adult Services assists residents ages 60 and up and their caregivers with referrals to community resources, counseling on available options, and financial support for eligible clients.

Call 303-441-4388, Monday–Friday (English/Bilingüe) or CLICK HERE

Q: Who qualifies for assistance?

A: Older Adult Services are available to adults ages 60 and up, providing bilingual case management and referrals to community services. Client service coordinators offer individualized consultation with a focus on low-income older adults, basic-needs financial applications assistance, caregiver support, respite assistance and education.

Click here to find information about Older Adult Services of Boulder, the primary organization that the BSF funds.

Q: How is the foundation different from other organizations that help older adults?

A: BSF is the only direct financial link between older adult services and the community. We focus entirely on older adults in the City of Boulder, and we provide the citizens of Boulder a way to make tax deductible donations specifically to help older adults in need.

Q: How do I donate to the foundation?

A: Click here to donate to BSF!

Q: If I make a donation, will I be asked to donate more in the future?

A: Yes and No. When we receive a donation, we would like to add you to our mailing list. However, if you request not to be solicited for future donations, we will honor that request to the best of our ability.

Q: Are there other ways, besides a financial donation, with which I can help the foundation?

A: You can join the Board of Directors. Click here to contact our Board President. Also, please let your friends know about the foundation and encourage them to donate! If you cannot make a cash donation, consider the following alternatives:

            • Designate gifts of appreciated stocks and bonds to BSF.

            • Assign existing or new life insurance policies and/or name BSF as a beneficiary.

            • Name BSF as a beneficiary in a will.

            • Designate an IRA Rollover to BSF for donors who are over 70 1/2 years old with excess retirement assets.

            • Designate a Charitable Lead Trust to direct interest income to BSF for a specific period of time.

            • Give a Charitable Gift Annuity to BSF.

            • Give a Charitable Remainder Trust to BSF.

Q: Does BSF receive any assistance from government organizations?

A: No.

Have another question? Contact us at info@boulderseniorsfoundation.org.